20141015_100824The city of Tuzla is the third largest in BiH. We arrived yesterday after a long drive through beautiful, mountainous landscapes and forests, which made me consider how flat the UK actually is: even the Peak District and the Pennines are practically horizontal compared to the vast rocky scenery of much of Bosnia. The leaves are just turning autumnal brown and the further north we’ve headed, the wetter the weather’s become. In Sarajevo it still felt like August, but the clouds have drawn in now. On the drive up, we stopped at a huge, tranquil lake and paused to take in the scenery; even through the rain it was very pretty. Nicki then made friends with a cat.

20141015_123733We arrived in the city shortly after. Inside the theatre, Narodno pozorište Tuzla, it resembles Club Silencio in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, intimate yet grand, with lavish gold gilding surrounding the proscenium. The playing space was smaller than we’ve been used to, so pre-show rehearsal concentrated on reconfiguring the piece to a stage of this size. Just before the performance Jasenko, Amila and I were interviewed for TV, explaining how this unique international collaboration came into being. And then during the show itself, the 20141016_145939change in proxemics somehow charged our performances, making the ensemble feel tight and punchy. We’ve been tipped off that the playing area in Mostar is even smaller, so it’s good to have had this opportunity to think about space and precision in advance of arriving there. We’ve learnt the importance of being meticulously careful in our movements and the placing of props, in order to keep the action neat and flowing.

We weren’t here in Tuzla for very long, but my impression of the city is that it’s very relaxed and friendly.20141016_175113

We now have big hopes for Mostar.




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