As the audience walks in an orchestra is tuning up. There is a man setting up music stands. There is another man threading the stands together with string. There are four performers making their entrances slowly and limbering up. The man setting up the music stands starts to spell out a word with cards. The red capital letters on cards spell BOLERO. When the audience is ready he rearranges the letters to read RAVEL. The man who has been threading the music stands together puts two ice skates on the stage next to the stands. They take a letter each, U and N, and place them on the floor to the left of RAVEL, resting the cards carefully on the ice skates. It now says UNRAVEL. The orchestra starts to tune up one last time and the two men stand in the centre. One raises a baton. One raises a music stand. The man with the music stand turns to face the man with the baton and suddenly the music stand has become a gun. The man with the baton drops it to the floor so his arms signal surrender. The man with the gun ushers the other man to kneel. He does so and as he turns he puts his hands behind his back. The man with the gun shoots him and, at the same time, pulls the string with his other hand to pull over the five music stands onstage. The only letters left on the stage are UN.



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