At Sarajevo War Theater, I invited Amila, Benjamin and Jasenko to read out a transcript of an interview with Edin Numankadic, curator of the Olympic Museum. The beginning of the transcript is below.

Curator: So you go back today?

Writer: Yes the flight is at 1.30pm.

Curator: Where do you go?

Writer: Munich and Hamburg.

Curator: But first we have time to talk.

Writer: I wanted to ask you some questions.

Curator: You have seen many things on the internet about Sarajevo Olympic Games. I am very happy you are working on this project Bolero. It is legendary.

Writer: I passed a café called Bolero on the way here.

Curator: Everybody here when you speak about the Sarajevo Olympic Games they speak about Bolero and Christopher Dean and Jane Torvill that was a really fantastic performance.

Writer: It’s a really evocative moment and the music is particularly memorable and when you hear the music you see them dance.

Curator: Yes. Yes.

Writer: You were talking about the defining moments of the Twentieth Century here.

Curator: Listen in Sarajevo if you look at history of twentieth century you have three main points. One is the beginning of the First World War – assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Now we will be 100 years of assassination and we make many things in the city. The second thing is the siege – this war – siege around Sarajevo and the third thing is the Winter Olympic games. Winter Olympic Games is only positive and that is the reason why we care so much for sport and heritage. It’s important for our children that they have some good experience, like courage. We opened this museum 84 on 8 April when is opening Winter Olympic games. And museum work normally in the beautiful house in the centre of the city until the 27 April 1992 when he is bombarded completely in that situation with my colleague I make a creation of all these things in the museum and put in the basement of this Olympic hall but also this Olympic hall was bombarded also but the things was in the basement and we survived. 2004 President Jack Rogge of Olympic Committee come and we have many big celebrations of 20 years of winter olympic games and we open this small Olympic museum. From that time we working here in the Olympic hall. From 8 people who worked before war I work only one like director like curator like for everything but that’s my big love because this period of Winter Olympic games was most important time of my life, so many people, so many activities, city was beautiful, atmosphere and everything. So that’s small story about this museum. Now many people who are refugees around the world when they come to Sarajevo they come to this museum, many have good memories of this period, nostalgie, memory.


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